Blog 8 Useless Career Advice

Career advice may seem useless to some people but if you do not have any at all it could hurt you in the long run. In my Career Exploration/Planning class I have learned a lot of useful information. Some of the things I have learned about is how to dress correctly. What some may think is professional may not be. Honestly I would not have thought open toed shoes would be considered unprofessional but it is. I also think this has helped me to understand what to except with answering interview questions.Some of the questions they may ask can trip you up if your not excepting it. I have also learned practicing some of the tougher questions can help you learn the best way to answer them. I tend to get nervous when put in the spot light and this class is helping me over come my fears. I believe career planning is a great thing if you have never been exposed to a professional setting. Going to college and learning what you need to do the job correctly is only half the battle. Being professional is the rest of the battle. So I think career planning is a must in your college experience.


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